Expertise at the IMW

Expert Reports Consultation and Writing

  • Analysis from machine parts under mechanical, thermical and chemical force
  • theoretical and numeric analysis
  • Measuring models and original parts

Development of new Designs

  • Simulation of production processes
  • Valuation of Designs
  • Analysis of the performance in service from products

Introducing CAD into companies

  • Creating Interfaces for computer aided product development
  • Analysis of the requirements to design
  • System analysis and selection

Test Facilities and Laboratories

  • Test facilities for testing machine components

    • Hydraulic distortion test benches (350 kVA; 2000 min -1)
    • Hydrostatic oscilating torsion test bench (100Hz; 200Nm)
    • electrodynamic vibration test bench (5Hz-4,5kHz; 1kN)
    • Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • portable remote control measuring equipment
    • Overspeed testing for high speed rotors (15000 min -1)
    • Versatile test facilities for testing fasteners
    • Testing facilities for Impact Mills; Hot-Gas Fans and other process machines
  • Continuing Education, further Education

    • Seminars on:

      • machine technology
      • methodical design
      • CAD; CIM
      • FEM
      • Modular and series design
      • Cost conscious design
      • Product structure and listing of parts
      • Pneumatic transmission technology
    • Courses on:

      • CNC production
      • CAD design
      • Coordinate measurement
      • Design of Low-Noise Machines


These expertises are achieved by using our test facilities and laboratories.


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