Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Tradition and Innovation

The Bergakademie Clausthal was founded in 1775. So it is one of the oldest academic establishments in Germany. The Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMW) has been a permanent feature of the University since 1929. Further informationen about the history of the institute can be found here.

The professorships for Design Methodology and Machine Elements as well as for Computer Aided Product Development are situated at the IMW. Thereby the whole product life cycle is covered by our research activities:

  • numerical simulation and optimization of components
  • experimental analysis of components
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • machine acoustics
  • standardization

The institute’s innovation capability is proven by numerous performed research projects, also in the frame of European cooperation. This capability is characterized by a broad spectrum of research activities as well as the consequent combination of testing and simulation. Because of the Institute’s practical orientation, we cooperate with various companies.



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